20000 Ton/year Organic Fertilizer Production Line Plan

In 2015, in the regional distribution of global bio fertilizers, North America was at the first, accounting for 28% of the world. The rest are Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. By 2019, North America accounted for 32%. Judging from our equipment exports, Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region are still the main positions of organic fertilizers. Judging from the global development trend, the organic fertilizer industry is still thriving. China, as a big exporter of organic fertilizer equipment, has the advantage of low prices and good quality. Similarly, our organic fertilizer equipment is exported to all over the world. So if you want to produce organic fertilizers, how do you start? Shunxin recommends starting with 20,000 tons of organic fertilizer per year.

20000 ton Rotary Drum Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Benefits to Invest 20000 Tons Organic Fertilizer Production Plant

New Type Organic Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine in SX Plant Fertilizer Science Project
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On the one hand, for beginners in organic fertilizer production, such small and medium-sized investments are more likely to succeed. On the other hand, capital investment is relatively small. Very suitable for investors who have no experience in fertilizer production.

If you own a small farm or livestock farm, your manure disposal problems are solved. And you can use the produced feed to your farm.

This line can bring you extra income. Based on our customer feedback, each buyer will receive a certain profit from his organic fertilizer plant. This may seem difficult, but in fact, as long as you do this, the problem will be solved. And it’s not that hard to be successful.


How to Run a 20,000 Ton Organic Fertilizer Plant at Lower Cost?

Before starting your organic fertilizer production business, you need to consider the running costs of your production. The cost of the production process may include the electricity consumption to run the machine, the cost of hiring workers, and the cost of maintenance of the equipment, among others. Therefore, with these concerns in mind, Shunxin designed the machine from a production point of view, fully considering the power consumption issue.

  • Choose devices with low energy consumption. Before purchasing, you need to know the motor power of each machine in order to accurately calculate the power consumption cost. A device with good performance and low power consumption should be your first choice for consideration.
  • Reduce labor costs. Shunxin’s equipment has a high level of automation, requiring only 2-3 workers for a single production line. Fewer labor costs can lead to cost savings.
  • Choose the right manufacturer. First, you need to identify high-quality fertilizer equipment suppliers. You can learn about the performance of the machine and the qualifications of the manufacturer through on-site inspections and visits. As a fertilizer supplier with many years of experience, Shunxin welcomes buyers from all over the world to visit, during which time we also receive countless visitors.
Feeder for Oraginc Fertilizer Pellets in SX Fertilizer Plant Design Project
  • Necessary after-sales service. After you purchase the machine, you need to communicate with the manufacturer about the installation, operation, and commissioning of the machine. Whether there is after-sales service is very important. This involves the production of your equipment, maintenance, etc.. Shunxin provides after-sales services for each customer, and we send people out to conduct on-site commissioning and installation. During the operation of the equipment, if there are questions about equitment, our engineers will also patiently answer them.

Production Process of 20000T/Y Organic Fertilizer Production Line

A 20,000-ton annual organic fertilizer production line needs to be equipped with a 5-8t/h granular organic fertilizer granulator. Raw material sources can be animal manure, agricultural waste, and industrial waste, among others. The production process of the line consists mainly of two stages of fermentation and granulation.

Fermentation Stage

The windrow compost turner is suitable for compost fermentation in small to medium-sized fertiliser production plants. It is a turning machine that can be turned by one person. His advantage lies in the flexibility of the site. You can choose an open space and pile your materials in long strips.

Composting Process and Granulation Process in 20000 ton Organic Fertilizer Plant

Production Stage

  • Crushing process: Crushing machines are necessary for fertilizer plants of 20000 tons per year. The fermented material will have agglomeration, and you need to crush your material before granulation. Shunxin provides various types of pulverizers, among which semi-wet material pulverizers, vertical pulverizers, etc. sell well
  • Ingredients: Although animal manure is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements, some elements cannot meet the standards of organic fertilizers. At this time, some elements need to be added to achieve a balanced ratio. The batching machine can accurately and quantitatively feed materials and provide multi-bin functions.
  • Stirring process: The prepared materials need to be stirred to achieve material mixing, and the nutrient elements of the produced particles are balanced.
  • Granulation process: If you want to produce 20,000 tons of organic fertilizer, you need a 5-8t/h granulator. Shunxin recommends a disc granulator and a tooth granulator. These two granulators can satisfy the requirements in the output.
  • Packaging process: The packaging machine is controlled by an electric control cabinet to precisely control the weight of the fertilizer. It uses an automatic sewing bag design and packs better quality granules.
Rotary Screen Machine in SX Fertilizer Granules Making Plant
New Type Vertical Crusher in SX Small Organic Fertilizer Plant
Double Shaft Horizontal Mixer in SX BB Fertilizers Production Plant

What Equipment Can Shunxin Provide for 20000T/Y Organic Fertilizer Production Plant?

Small Window Compost Turner

In general, the most common compost is animal manure, and there are of course many other ingredients. Compost should contain at least 60% animal manure and 40% other organic matter when mixed with various organic wastes. Like straw, straw, sawdust, etc. You can choose to compost in an open field close to the farm, and the feature of the windrow composter is that it composts in the open air and you only need to pile the material into long strips.

Crushing, Screening, Mixing process – vertical crusher, rotary screen machine, horizontal mixer

All three processes process the compost material to make the granulation more perfect.

SXFLF-600 New Type Vertical Crusher: Its motor power is 22kw, and its output is 3-5t/h. This kind of crusher feeds from the top, and the material enters the crusher vertically, and is crushed by the pulverizing blade, and then discharged from the outlet below. It has strong adaptability to materials with high moisture content and is not easy to block.

SXGS-1240 Rotary Screening Machine: the power is 4kw, and the output of screening is 3-5t/h. It is suitable for the screening of various solid materials with a particle size of less than 300mm. With automatic cleaning function.

SXWJ-9015 Horizontal Mixer: It mixes materials evenly into the cylinder, regardless of the shape and size of the particles.

Pan Granulator



Model: SXYZ-3600

Edge Height: 450mm

Rotary Speed: 13(r/min)

Capacity: 4-6t/h

Total Power: 18.5kw

Dimension: 4100x2900x3800mm

Disc Granulator/New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

SXJZ-1500 New Organic Fertilizer Granulator: It has a total power of 110 kW and a feed moisture of between 20% and 40%. The output is 6-8t/h. This is a special equipment for the production of organic fertilizer. The difference between it and other granulators is that the granules it produces are more beautiful and the granulation rate is higher.

SXYZ-3600 Disc Granulator: The output of this granulator is 4-6t/h, and the motor power is 18.5kw. The disc granulator has strong adaptability to raw materials, and almost all granulated raw materials can be granulated by the disc granulator.

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