What Equipment is Needed in Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

Our separator aims to reduce the water amount of animal waste to an ideal amount, so the process of composting can speed up. According to different models, the capacity varies. We recommended the SXTS-230, with a capacity of 20 square meters per hour.
  • Why do you need a separator? Why not dry manure naturally, like drying it in the sun?
We highly recommend you to use our solid-liquid separator to treat your fresh cow dung, because it is more efficient. If you pile manure up in the sun, it is prone to creating an anaerobic environment that causes unbearable reek and the whole process of drying heavily depends on the weather that is volatile sometimes.
Horse Dung Screw Press Dewatering Machine in SX



Before making fertilizer pellets, the process of composting dried cattle manure is critical. Considering the spacious area on his farm, our client chose groove type composting which requires a groove to compost. Among our products, namely groove type compost turner, wheel type compost turner and chain type compost turner, we commended the first to him.
  • What is the difference between the two kinds of composting machines as you mentioned, the windrow type compost turner and the groove type compost turner?
If you adopt the windrow composting method, you need to find a large space outdoors or indoors and stock your cattle manure into long strips. Our windrow type compost turners require a driver.
As you said, you prefer high automation, so we recommend the groove composting method. Our groove type compost turners have a fully automated electrical control system. You don’t need to operate them throughout the whole process of turning compost piles.
Groove Type Compost Turner for Sale in SX Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment Plant
  • What is the turning depth of your groove type machine?
There are 4 types, namely 0.8 m, 1.0 m, 1.2 m, 1.5 m. According to your requirements, we can customize it for you.
  • What is the material of that compost turner’s turning teeth?
It is 16Mn, a kind of durable steel.

The capacity of our vertical crusher is much larger than other crushing machines on the market, close to 15 tons per hour. Besides, it is not easy to block when grinding high moisture materials, like cow manure.
  • Why do you need to crush compost?
In the process of composting, the external layer of your compost is crusted because of its sudden decline in water content. You need to crush it into small powder, so the difficulty of making biofertilizer will increase.

To produce pure biofertilizer pellets, it is necessary to screen out unwonted materials, such as little rocks. The sieve of our screener is made of galvanized steel whose service life is much longer.
  • Will it cause dust or powder?
No, there is a plate used to prevent dust or powder from flying. It won’t lead to air pollution.


When one obtains qualified cattle dung fertilizer, he needs to put some bacteria in it to make bio fertilizer. According to the kinds of bacteria our client prepared, we equipped the batching system with 2 hoppers.



How can you make good biofertilizer products without blending raw materials well? Carried by our automatic conveyor, each raw material is fed into a horizontal mixer which will blend it thoroughly with the blades.
  • How long can you get the final material after using this machine?
It won’t take too much time to blend your materials. Within 5 minutes, you can get well mixed fertilizer powder.

  • What is the material of the blades?
It is manganese steel, an excellent material for crushing and mixing parts.



In commercial biofertilizer manufacturing, stream granulation is preferable. Besides, the amount of dust created in the process of stream granulation is much smaller. So, we introduced our rotary drum churning machine to our Filipino buyer who put emphasis on having a healthy and clean working environment in fertilizer production. Adopting 2 ways of granulation, our rotary drum churning machine has a higher granulation rate, over 97%, and pellets made by it look more attractive.
What is the input and output moisture?

It is 30% and 15% respectively.

What is the stirring tooth made of?

It is Manganese steel, a durable material.

How to change them when they are broken?

I will send a maintenance book to your e-mail. You can easily change them under the guidance written in that book.

Do you need a polishing machine?

No, you don’t. Biofertilizer pellets made by our rotary drum churning machine look good in shape and appearance. You do not need to spend more money to buy a polishing machine.

The water content of bio fertilizer pellets made by stream granulation is high, which will cause fertilizer caking problem, a negative factor for the quality of fertilizer, if they are packed without further treatment. That is why we added a dryer to his bio fertilizer production line. As for the cooler, it is used to cool dried fertilizer pellets, so the caking problem will not happen easily.

Moreover, the drawings of the bio fertilizer plant were added to a dust collecting room equipped with a cyclone dust collector, where aims at treating dust or powder created in the drying process.

  • How long is the process of drying or cooling?What is the fertilizer caking problem?
It only takes a few minutes. We can prolong or shorten that process by adjusting the inclination of the machine. It is a phenomenon that your fertilizer pellets stick together, which adversely affects the quality of fertilizer and increases the difficulty of mechanical fertilizing.

Rotary screening machine

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This screener is used for screening unqualified bio fertilizer pellets, so that the high quality of bio fertilizer products can be ensured.


In commercial biofertilizer production plants where tons of fertilizer pellets are produced daily, the amount of unqualified biofertilizer pellets is huge, causing enormous economic damage. Thus, we designed a chain crusher for these pellets.

  • What is the difference between there 2 crushing machines on my production line? Can I use the first crusher to dispose of unqualified pellets?
The first is for crushing compost, while the second, for unqualified biofertilizer pellets only. It is not sensible to use one crusher for crushing compost and fertilizer pellets. Your production line may be complex if you insist on it.
  • Can you use other grinding machines for unqualified bio fertilizer pellets?

Our chain crusher is designed for unqualified fertilizer pellets only. The efficiency of crushing will not reach your standard if you use other grinders.

An automatic bagging machine is indispensable in providing an ideal bio fertilizer production line to our Filipino buyer. Controlled by a PLC system, our packing equipment is able to realize the automation of weighing, bagging and sealing.
How many workers do you need in the process of bagging?

One is enough.

Is there any silo provided over the packing machine? And what is the capacity?

Yes, there is a small silo, with a capacity of 0.3 m³.

What is the scope of your packing machine?

Its packing weight range within 500-2000 kg.


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