Chicken Manure Management

If you have a chicken farm, you will have a lot of chicken poop. In all animal dung, chicken manure is among the most prized of manures. However, because chicken poop belongs to “hot” manure, which you can’t put it in your farmland directly. If you just put the chicken poop into your farmland directly, that will “burn” your crops and plants. Therefore, you had better find a good way for chicken manure management. For dealing with chicken manure, making powdery chicken manure and chicken manure pellets will be a good method. Here are the specific methods of making chicken manure fertilizer.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line for Chicken Manure Management
Organic Fertilizer Production Line for Chicken Manure Management

Turn animal manure into compost, a simple way to manage your chicken dung

Are you looking for a simple method to get chicken fertilizer with chicken poop? In our organic fertilizer machinery, we can provide you a machine that can convert chicken poop into chicken manure fertilizer. The machine is chicken manure composting equipment. This chicken manure management method is composting. Because chicken manure is very high in nitrogen and a very desirable fertilizer for a garden. And it is a hot manure, which needs time to age before adding it to your soil. Thus, composting is an ideal method for aging chicken manure. You can get the chicken compost fertilizer by following these easy steps.

Dewatering. In this step, chicken waste dehydrater should be used. Because before you make chicken manure fertilizer, you need to dehydrate the moisture content of chicken poop to 40%-60%. Chicken manure dewatering machine is the best way to dry the chicken poop manure.

Fermenting. For getting chicken manure compost fertilizer, composting is the process that you can’t ignore. In this step, you had better use a chicken waste composting machine to make chicken compost fertilizer from chicken poop. By using chicken manure composter, you can get high-efficiency chicken manure compost in an easy way.

Crushing. For getting powdery chicken compost fertilizer, after composting, it is the best to use a chicken manure crusher to crush the lumps fertilizer.

Here is the simple powdery chicken manure fertilizer production line. As an excellent organic fertilizer production line provider, we can select suitable chicken manure management equipment for you.

Simple composting macninery
Simple composting macninery

How long does it take to ferment the chicken wastes in the management process?

Do you want to know the time of composting chicken manure fertilizer? Generally speaking, you can get finished chicken manure fertilizer in 20-35days. What’s more, the time of fermenting depends on climate and the quality of organic fertilizer compost turner. Therefore, climate is the main factor that can affect the fermentation time. If you make organic compost fertilizer in summer, you only need 20 days. On the contrary, if you make chicken manure compost in winter, that will spend you 35days. Thus, in order to shorten the chicken manure fermentation time, you can choose make compost fertilizer in summer.

Poultry manure dynamic composting machines
Poultry manure dynamic composting machines

How to make chicken manure fertilizer pellets for chicken manure management?

In the chicken manure market, the most popular shape of chicken manure fertilizer is round. So, most of chicken manure fertilizer plants choose to make granular chicken manure. In order to make chicken manure pellets for chicken manure management, you should have a chicken manure granulator to make chicken manure pellets. In our organic fertilizer machinery, we have different chicken manure pelletizers with various granulation technologies. But they have a same function, that is all of the organic fertilizer pellet mills can help you get high hardness fertilizer granules. In addition, our fertilizer granulator has the characteristics of easy operation and advanced granulation technology. All you need to do is turn on the switch. Then you can get the granular chicken manure fertilizer in a short time.

Chicken manure fertilizer dedicated granulator
Chicken manure fertilizer dedicated granulator

In the pellet chicken manure disposal method, choose a suitable size manure granulator is your first choice

When you want to buy chicken manure pellet mill, you should choose the compost granulator with suitable size. In fact, we have many chicken manure fertilizer pelletizers with different size. You can choose the fertilizer pellet mill according your requirements. For example, we have the granulator with a diameter of 500 mm, and we still have the chicken manure granulation equipment with a diameter of 3200mm. In addition, we also have other chicken manure fertilizer granulators of different diameters for your choice. If you have some questions about this, feel free to contact us.

chicken manure pellets making machine
chicken manure pellets making machine

Complete chicken manure management solution: Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line configurations

As we all know, for getting chicken manure fertilizer, you need some chicken waste management processes. As mentioned above, dehydration, fermentation and crushing are the three steps you need to go through. If you want to get high equality chicken manure fertilizer, you need other steps. And the whole manure fertilizer production process includes dehydration, fermentation, crushing, granulation, drying, cooling, screening and packaging. In order to get the fertilizer what you want to get, you can’t miss any step. Because every process has its special function.

Here are the processes of producing organic fertilizer from chicken manure. And every step needs a machine to finish. Thus, you should have eight chicken manure fertilizer making facilities for your chicken manure management.

chicken manure fertilizer production line
chicken manure fertilizer production line

Proposals on setting up a fertilizer production factory to process quantities of manure in your chicken farm

For handling chicken poop, we noticed that there are many people want to build a chicken manure fertilizer production plant. For making chicken waste treatment plant, what should you do?

  1. First, you need to make a clear market research, that can help you have a clear plan in chicken manure production.
  2. Second, you need to choose a site to build a chicken fertilizer plant. If you have decided build a chicken manure fertilizer plant, you had better choose a place near the chicken farm. Because chicken manure has high water content, it is not easy to transport. If it is too far away, the transportation cost of chicken manure fertilizer plant is too high.
  3. Third, chicken manure fertilizer making machines should be prepared after building the chicken manure fertilizer factory. If you want to get the chicken manure fertilizer better than other, you should choose the chicken waste fertilizer machine with high quality.

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