How to compost chicken manure?

What to deal with chicken manure is often one of the problems that plagues breeders. Studies have shown that a chicken can defecate five times an hour, which means you’ll have a lot of chicken manure to process. Good advice is that you first need to collect them and then turn them into fertilizer. Collection may be simple, the question is how to compost your chicken manure. You need to know these steps:

The trench of groove type compost turner
The trench of groove type compost turner


Before composting

Before composting your chicken manure, you need to do some preparation. We all know that the moisture content of chicken manure is very high, about 80%. The moisture content of composted materials is about 60%. So you have to reduce the water content in your chicken manure first, maybe the chicken manure dehydrator is the choice of many people. But here Shunxin technical staff does not recommend the use of chicken manure dehydrator. Using a dehydrator can greatly reduce the quality of your chicken manure. If you have 1t of chicken manure, but it is dehydrated by a dehydrator, you may have 500kg of chicken manure left.

What is Shunxin’s suggestion? You can prepare some agricultural waste such as straw and sawdust. It is possible to need a shredder to help you shred these agricultural wastes. Why do you need to add these excipients? On the one hand, it is to reduce the moisture in your chicken manure. On the other hand, it can increase the amount of organic matter in the compost. So before composting, you need to prepare roughly the same amount of dry material as your chicken manure and mix it.

Groove type compost turner working site
Groove type compost turner working site


When composting

After mixing the chicken manure with the trimmings, do you think this is the end? No, the next step is the most important step in composting – stirring. If you don’t turn over your stockpile, not only will it be difficult to ferment, but it will stink. This is because the stacks have no access to air and oxygen. The process of eutrophication fermentation is the result of the activity of aerobic molecules in the pile. So you have to flip your stockpile regularly. When you have a lot of chicken manure, how do you turn it over?

2 types composting machine

Trench composting machine

Shunxin trench composting machine needs to build a trench. This machine is more suitable for large chicken farms to process chicken manure fermentation. Its advantage lies in the intensive management of chicken manure with less floor space. All you need to do is place your chicken manure in the trench and our groove type compost turner and wheel type compost turner will automatically turn it. This composting method is the choice of most chicken manure fertilizer producers.

Windrow composting machine

This is a flat-type compost fermentation method. First you need to lay out your stockpiles in long strips. Then our windrow composting machine flips along the long strip. This flipper requires a one-person driver to operate. The advantage of this kind of equipment is that it is suitable for small chicken farms, does not need to build a trough, has lower cost and greater flexibility.

Wheel type compost turner working site
Wheel type compost turner working site


How to compost chicken manure?

First of all, you need to collect your chicken manure, and secondly, you need to prepare agricultural wastes such as straw in the same amount as chicken manure or 1:2. Finally, you need to use a turning machine for flipping. The normal composting process takes two months, but using a turner can reduce your composting time to around 15 days. So why not using Shunxin composting machine help you?

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