In Vessel Composting Machine for Sale

One might wonder: Is it possible to compost in an enclosed container? Surely that is possible. Composting in containers is also a form of aerobic composting. The entire container creates temperature, humidity and oxygen conditions for aerobic composting. So how does container composting create aerobic conditions for raw materials to ferment? How does the whole fermentation tank work?

90m³ Fermentation Tank in SX Compost Manufacturing Plant

What are the Parts of the In Vessel Composting Machine?

Why does an organic fertilizer fermenter speed up the composting process? First, you need to understand the design of the fermentation tank.

  • Tank body

The fermenter should have a suitable diameter-to-height ratio, generally 1:2.5~4. The entire body of the tank is generally a cylinder, and the material is carbon or stainless steel. Large-scale fermentation tanks can be made of lined stainless steel or composite stainless steel, and the thickness of stainless steel is generally 2~3mm. There is an insulation layer in the middle, and the thickness can be customized according to the outside temperature. The outer walls are generally supported by thickened plates of steel. The top and body of the small fermentation tank are generally connected by flanges for easy cleaning.

  • Staircase

The agitator can stir the materials in the fermenter evenly. The mixing blades constantly agitate your fermenting ingredients, exposing them to oxygen for an aerobic composting environment.

  • Ventilation pump

It mainly provides the oxygen supply in the fermentation tank, and the outside air enters the fermentation tank through high pressure to fully contact the fermentation material. Increased aerobic conditions.

30m³ Fermentation Tank in SX Chicken Waste Treatment Plant
20m³ Fermentation Tank in SX Multi Manure Composting Process Plant
  • Feeding device

The feeding apparatus consists mainly of an automatic dump bucket elevator. During the feeding process, the hoist carrying the raw material moves upward automatically and pours the raw material into the fermenter. No need for manual feeding, which reduces the workload.

  • Control system

The control cabinet can detect the temperature and fermentation process in the fermenter. The entire fermentation process only needs to be operated by the control cabinet.

  • Stairwell

The larger organic fertilizer fermentation tanks are equipped with a stairway device to facilitate workers to reach the top of the tanks to observe the feeding.

  • Automatic discharge device

You can automatically control the output of organic fertilizer, and can automatically discharge the fermented material out of the fermenter.

Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank Master Control Cabinet
Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank Discharge Control Cabinet
  • Exhaust gas treatment system

Considering the smell problem, we added exhaust gas treatment device. That is to say, during the fermentation process, the waste gas and dust pollution generated can be sprayed and purified to avoid unpleasant smell and pollution.

  • Shelter

A shelter is built on the top of the fermentation tank to avoid the erosion of the fermentation tank by bad weather. At the same time, it is convenient for workers to work on rainy and snowy days.

  • Detection platform

There is a maintenance and inspection platform up the stairs. On the one hand, you can observe the operation of the machine and the fermentation status of the material. On the other hand, it is convenient for the workers to carry out repairs.

Stirring Blade of Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank
Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank Warehouse and Processing
Feed Hopper for Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank

What Conditions Does the Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank Create for Aerobic Fermentation?

  • Temperature

When manure fermented in the fermentation tank, the temperature sensor will real-time monitoring the tank inside temperature, and to regulating the temperature by starting on the industrial electric blanket(embedded in the two layer tank wall), to make sure the best living temperature (60-70℃ )for beneficial bacteria.

In the upper side of the fermentation tank, the heating device will also heat the oxygen that is pressured into the tank to make sure the fermentation tank has suitable temperature.

  • Oxygen

The heated oxygen will be pressured into the tank by high pressure Roots blower to make sure the aerobic bacteria has enough oxygen. Tank inside oxygen concentration also monitoring by the oxygen sensor.

  • Humidity

The moisture content of the raw material should be 50-60%, and after successful fermentation, the moisture content of the discharged product will be about 30%, as shown in the figure below.

Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank Activated Carbon Treatment Box
Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank Main Shaft

3 Best-Selling Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tanks

Chicken Manure In Vessel Composting Machine

Owners of small chicken farms prefer smaller machines to help them dispose of chicken coop waste. Our small organic manure fermenting tank requires only six cubic metres of land, you only need to put it next to your chicken coop and you can achieve chicken manure composting without a large footprint.

Three-dimensional design saves land: For fertilizer plants with a small land planning area, the organic fertilizer fermentation tank does not need a large space, saving your land rent.

Electrical control: Place a fermenter next to your chicken coop, and only 1-2 workers are needed to complete the composting and fermentation of your chicken manure.


Cow Dung In Vessel Composting Machine


How do you compost your cow manure without being affected by the cold weather, and also in bad weather? You can try our organic fertilizer fermenter. Our organic manure fermenter was designed with environmental considerations in mind. Whether in the cold northern temperate zone or the hot and humid tropics, a fermenter provides an airtight environment for your cow manure to ferment.

  • Heat insulation

The fermenter body consists of a stainless steel liner and an outermost shell. However, between these two layers of material we placed a thermal insulation layer. Prevent fermentation from being affected by cold or humidity in the external environment. In Russia, the cold weather outside has prevented the composting temperature from increasing. But our commercial fermenters can help keep your compost out of the cold outside.

Pig Manure In Vessel Composting Machine

Are you planning a project on organic fertilizer from pig manure?Have you ever thought about how to quickly compost your pig manure? The entire fermentation process takes only 15 to 20 days, and you can get fermented pig manure piles. The temperature of the fermented pig dung no longer rises, there is no unpleasant smell, and the particles are finer and more soft. The fermenting pig manure pile will have less than 10% moisture and a pH of between 6-8.

You will need to dehydrate your pig manure before putting it in the fermenter. The ideal moisture content for fermented ingredients is 50-60%, but general poultry manure has a moisture content of about 70%. So you need to add some agricultural waste such as straw, sawdust, hay, etc. to reduce the moisture content. On the other hand, you can dehydrate your manure with the help of a dehydrator, but this will reduce your manure production.

If you do not know how to choose a fermenter with a large volume, you can ask us and we will customize the capacity of the fermenter based on the amount of your ingredients.

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