Equipment for Wet Granulation

Wet granulation is a good method to make quality fertilizer granules, whether you plan to start an organic fertilizer making business or a compound fertilizer production project. Different from dry granulation, wet granulation make fertilizer power into pellets by adding water or adhesives. They can greatly inprove the adhension between fertilizer materials and make them combine together faster and more firmly. Then as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we can provide you the quality equipment for wet granulation and the best solution for your fertilizer granule making plant.

Wet granulation system for fertilizer pellet making
Wet granulation system for fertilizer pellet making

3 steps in the wet granulation of fertilizer

The wet granulation process is generally divided into three steps.
power wetting
agglomeration process or nucleation
granules drying

How Does a Wet Granulator Form Denser and Uniform Granules?

Wet granulators produce uniform and dense granules through the process of agglomeration. The process of agglomeration involves the addition of moisture or other adhesives. When it comes to binders, water is the most convenient and harmless adhesives. Before adding other binders, you need to test whether they will react to your raw materials. Generally speaking, most organic fertilizer granulation will use wet granulator.

Which Wet Granulation Machine Does SX Provide?

 0.02-6 t/h Pan Granulator

The disc granulator is a type of wet granulation. First, you should add water or steam to bond the powered dry material. Second, through the high speed rotation of the granulator, the granules in the pan squeeze and roll each other. Finally, they become spherical granules. In addition, the pan granulator is driven by motor and reducer drive. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the material continues to enter, it can achieve mass production. During the operation of the machine, the material rises with the pan, and the material is also moves down due to its own gravity. At the same time, the material is constantly thrown to the edge of the pan by the centrifugal force. The materials are from large granules to small granules under the action of these forces.

1-30t/h Rotary Drum Granulator

Like most rotary drum granulators, our granulator also consists of a rotary drum, two riding rings and their bases, a large gear guard, the driving device and the machine base. It doesn’t sound like much, but these are the basic components of a rotary drum granulator. In fact, our rotary drum granulator has some special designs. It is these special designs that make our rotary drum granulators the choice of many fertilizer manufacturers. It is also a granulator equipped with many organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer production lines.

1-8t/h New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

The stirring tooth granulator is a kind of wet granulation. First, if your material is low in moisture, you should spray some water into the barrel while granulating. This will speed up the granulation process. When the material enters the machine from the feed port , under the action of mechanical force, it is made into granules by the rotation of the rotor. You can adjust the size of the particle diameter according to the rotational speed of the rotor. The higher the rotational speed, the smaller the particles. Before granulation, the moisture content of the raw material should be between 20% and 40%. The diameter of the finished particles is generally between 0.3-5mm.

The main technical parameters of the disc granulator are as follows:

Model Granulation disc diameter (mm) Plate edge height(mm) Speed(r/min) Motor power (kw) Production capacity (t/h) Reducer model (kw) Appearance size(mm)
SXYZ- 500 500 200 32 0.55 0.02-0.05 BWY0-43-0.55 650*600*800
SXYZ-600 600 280 33.5 0.75 0.05-0.1 BWY0-43-0.55 800*700*950
SXYZ-800 800 200 21 1.5 0.1-0.2 XWD4-71-1.5 900*1000*1100
SXYZ-1000 1000 250 21 1.5 0.2-0.3 XWD4-71-1.5 1200*950*1300
SXYZ-1200 1200 250 21 1.5 0.3-0.5 XWD4-71-1.5 1200*1470*1700
SXYZ-1500 1500 300 21 3 0.5-0.8 XWD5-71-3 1760*1 500*1950
SXYZ-1800 1800 300 21 3 0.8-1.2 XWD5-71-3 2060*1700*2130
SXYZ-2000 2000 350 21 4 1.2-1.5 XWD5-71-4 2260*1650*2250
SXYZ-2500 2500 450 14 7.5 1.5-2.0 ZQ350 2900*2000*2750
SXYZ-2800 2800 450 14 11 2-3 ZQ350 3200*2200*3000
SXYZ-3000 3000 450 14 11 2-4 ZQ350 3400*3400*3100
SXYZ-3600 3600 450 13 18.5 4-6 ZQ400 4100*2900*3800
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Why is SX Wet Granulation Equipment is Favored by Customers?

Our wet granulator has many special features in design, no matter which wet granulator, we try our best to meet the needs of users. Below are some of the special design features of our wet granulators.

Pan Granulator

Granular Plate

The granular plate is the big pan we see. Through the turning of the pan, the raw material turns into a ball on the plate. The minimum diameter of the granular plate is 500 mm, and the height of the plate is 200 mm. The maximum diameter can reach 3600 mm. The speed of the granulator with different diameters is also different. You can adjust the inclination of the granular plate, which determines the size of the granules. The overall adopts arc structure, the granularity rate can reach more than 93%.

Frame Part

The framework is the part that supports the entire machine. When the granulator operates, the force is relatively large. The framework must be made of a specific process to support the operation of the machine.

Adjustment Part

Adjust the size of the granules by adjusting the tilt angle of the granular plate.

The Transmission Part

The reducer and the motor use the flexible belt transmission to start smoothly and reduce the impact. Not only is it high efficiency, but it also improves the service life of the equipment. While the design of the transmission system improves the stability of the equipment, it also improves the service life of the components.

Cleaning Device

There is a scraper in the granular plate. While rotating the granular disc, the scraper rotates with the granular plate. Effectively prevents material from sticking to the pan.

Triangular Base of the Pan Granulator
Triangular Base of the Pan Granulator

Our Workers are Making the Big Plate of the Pan Granulator
Our Workers are Making the Big Plate of the Pan Granulator

Pan Granulator for NPK Compound Fertilizer Production in SX NPK Fertilizer Machine Supplier
Pan Granulator for NPK Compound Fertilizer Production in SX NPK Fertilizer Machine Supplier

Rotary Drum Granulator

 Granulator Drum’s Hammering System

Considering that the rotary drum granulator is wet granulation, the raw material after adding water will inevitably stick to the inner wall of the rotating drum easily. Not only will raw materials be lost, but also the inner wall will be corroded over time. So we set up round holes on the outside of the drum, and put hammers on these round holes. During fertilizer production, as the drum rotates, these hammers fall due to gravity and hit the round holes. The raw material sticking to the inner wall is peeled off by vibration. The hammering system of the rotary drum granulator, on the one hand, can clean the inner wall like a cleaning device and keep the inside of the drum clean; On the other hand, it reduces the consumption of raw materials.

 Stainless Steel Pressure Line

There is a rubber plate inside the rotary drum granulator to prevent it from sticking to the wall. And our rubber plate is covered with stainless steel pressure lines, which effectively fixes the rubber plate. Because it is made of stainless steel, it will not corrode. Overall, it makes the machine last longer.

One Molding Spiral Tube

The most important part of a rotary drum granulator is its drum. So what is the unique design of our rotary drum granulator? The answer lies in the one molding spiral tube used for our drums. The thickness of each place is the same, so there is no need to worry about cutting corners. When the drum is running at high speed, the quality of the drum is particularly important. The rotary drum material is Q235B boiler steel, which has high strength and not easily deformed characteristics.

One-shot Forming Spiral Tube For Rotary Drum Drying Machine in SX Machinery
One-shot Forming Spiral Tube For Rotary Drum Drying Machine in SX Machinery

Material of the Rotary Drum Drying Machine for Goat Litter Drying in SX
Material of the Rotary Drum Drying Machine for Goat Litter Drying in SX

Rotary Drum Granulator for Cow Dung Fertilizer Making Line in SX

New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

The Driving Device

The driving device of the tooth granulator lies in the left side of the whole machine. It consists of a motor and a reducer. The function of the motor is particularly important because the tooth granulator requires a huge amount of electrical energy to support it during operation. Our motor uses the internationally renowned three-phase asynchronous motors, which have the advantage of strong power and good running performance. The inside of the reducer is made of special materials and manufactured by a special process. High carrying capacity and stable operation.

The Granulating Part

The granulation part consists mainly of two parts: the barrel and the rotor.

The rotor

The rotor is the most important part of the stirring tooth granulator. The powder particles can be made into spherical particles by the high-speed operation of the rotor. It consists mainly of three parts: the shaft, the stirring tooth and the stirring tooth head. The large shaft is made of special material. The stirring teeth are also made of special materials, and you can adjust the length. You can disassemble and replace the stirring tooth head regularly.

Barrel portion

The barrel is the shell we see wrapping the rotor. The barrel includes three parts: feed mixing section, granulation section and polishing section. The barrel is also made of special materials, which are hard and wear resistant.

Manganese steel stirring teeth of new organic fertilizer granulator in ShunXin
Manganese steel stirring teeth of new organic fertilizer granulator in ShunXin

Observation hole and inspection hole of the stirring tooth granulator in SX
Observation hole and inspection hole of the stirring tooth granulator in SX

Observation window of new organic fertilizer
Observation window of new organic fertilizer

When is suitable to use wet granulation equipment in fertilizer pellet making

The raw materials of wet granulation are suitable for materials that are not sensitive to moisture and temperature. When the moisture content of your granulation raw material is high, you can directly carry out wet granulation. Like fermented poultry manure, with a moisture content of about 30%, wet granulation can be carried out directly. Generally, large fertilizer production lines and manufacturers use wet granulators. Because compared to the dry granulator, the equipment for wet granulation has a larger output. Most organic fertilizer raw materials are not completely dry after fermentation, and few can be directly granulated with a dry granulator. However, it can be granulated with a wet granulator.

Does Wet Granulation Equipment Offer More Benefits than Dry Granulation Machine?

The wet-processed granules have better fluidity.

Wet granulation changes the properties of formulation ingredients and overcomes the defects of extrusion granulation. The main advantage of wet granulation is that it forms granules and is more spherical than powder and therefore has better flow properties. And the spherical shape of wet granulation can be easier to pack.

Wet granulation reduces dust problems in the granulation process

In the wet granulation process, water or adhesive needs to be sprayed, which prevents dust from flying and reduces the risk of dust injury to workers.

Larger output than dry granulator

The output of dry granulator is 1-6t/h, while the maximum capacity of wet granulator can reach 30t/h. Compared with dry granulators, wet granulators are more suitable for large fertilizer production lines. And there are many types of wet granulators.

The particles of wet granulation are not easy to wear

The particles of wet granulation are agglomerated into balls by external force, which are not easy to be worn during transportation. The dry granulation is easy to wear due to the huge extrusion force.

Wet granulation can control the size of particle diameter

Wet granulation can control the diameter of the particles according to the moisture content. If the particles are larger, the moisture content in the raw material can be reduced. If the particles are too small, the moisture content in the raw material can be increased.

New organic fertilizer granulator in Shunxin organic fertilizer production machine manufacturer

How to Choose The Wet Granulation Machine Fitting For You?

Small Scale Pan Granulator For Sale

The minimum output of our disc granulator is 0.02t/h, which can meet your daily fertilizer granulation. If you have a small farm, a small disc pelletizer can also be used at home. And it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Last year, our disc granulator was the best-selling granulator.

Large Output Rotary Drum Granulator For Sale

If you want to build a high-volume fertilizer production line, then the drum granulator is the most suitable choice. The maximum output of our drum granulator is 30t/h, which means it can process the manure of hundreds of thousands of poultry in your farm. For large fertilizer manufacturers and farms, the drum granulator is the right choice.

Animal Litter New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator For Sale

The new organic fertilizer granulator is a granulator specially designed for organic fertilizers. It has different capacities to choose from. Whether it is a small organic fertilizer granulator or a large organic fertilizer granulator, you can use the new organic fertilizer granulator. Our new organic fertilizer granulator has many special features in its design. First of all, high-strength wear-resistant materials are used on some special parts to ensure that the granulator can run for a long time. Secondly, in the design of the rack base, we use a triangular support design. Finally, there is an observation window in the barrel of the granulator. On the one hand, the granulation situation can be observed in time. On the other hand, it is convenient for the inspection and maintenance of the machine. It is because of these special designs that many customers choose SX.

Rotary Drum Granulator Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Rotary Drum Granulator Organic Fertilizer Production Line

What Should You Consider When You Choose SX Wet Granulator?

When you buy a granulator, you must consider the performance, capacity, and suitability of the machine. So what do you need to consider when buying our wet granulator?

 Size and Capacity

First, you need to decide what capacity machine you want to buy. From wet granulator, we have granulator ranging from 0.02-30t/h. You can decide based on the size of your raw material for granulation. Of course, if you are not sure what specification of granulator to buy, you can leave a message to contact us. We will have a professional reply from the factory. In addition, you also need to confirm that your budgeted site area is large enough to accommodate our pelletizer.

Power Consumption and Energy Consumption

Different granulators have different motor powers. Different sizes of the same granulator will also have different motor powers. Among the wet granulators, the motor power of the disc granulator is the smallest, and the motor power of the disc granulator with an output of 0.02-0.05t/h is 0.55kw. For the same output of 1-3t/h, the motor power of the disc granulator is about 7.5kw, the power of the drum granulator is 5.5kw, and the total power of the tooth stirring granulator is about 55kw. When we choose a granulator, we will definitely choose a granulator with a smaller power, which will help us save the cost of granulation.

The Quality of The Machine

First of all, the granulator should be ISO certified. Secondly, in the selection of materials, materials with high wear resistance should be selected. for the long-term operation of the machine. On the one hand, our pelletizers are all inspected for quality before shipment. On the other hand, in the selection of materials, some vulnerable parts of our machines use special materials. For example, the stirring teeth of the stirring tooth granulator are made of manganese steel, which can withstand huge pressure, impact and wear. In the material of the machine frame, we also use wear-resistant steel to ensure consistent thickness.

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