8 t/h Organic Fertilizer Granulation Line in Argentina, South America

In mid-August, our drum granulator production line was sent to South America. In April, a client from Argentina contacted us. He said that he ran a ranch with about 10,000 cattle. After consulting a lot of information, he came up with the idea of turning cow dung into organic fertilizer. But he didn’t have suitable production equipment, so after seeing the production line we had designed for South American customers on Google, he contacted us by email.

What do Our Customers Want?

In the email, the customer mentioned: “I am looking for a complete production line to make cow dung fertilizer, please tell me what equipment I need, as well as the wattage and price of these equipment…” Our customer’s purpose is very Clearly, he wanted a line that would turn his manure into organic fertilizer. So we called the customer and communicated a lot of details. Then we made an 8t/h drum granulator production line for the customer.

Drum Granulation Production Line

8 t/h Rotary Drum Granulation Line for Organic Fertilizer

A complete drum granulation line includes drum screen machine, horizontal mixer and vertical crusher. We sent the detailed introduction of each machine and the production line drawing to the customer. The customer asked why not use a disc granulator? Based on the output of the customer’s cow dung, we recommend the drum granulator. There are two reasons: First, the output of the disc granulator is small, if the customer insists on the disc granulator, he must buy at least two disc granulators for his production line. Second, if the customer wants to expand his production scale, the drum granulator can upgrade the output by replacing the larger drum. Although both granulators are wet granulators, drum granulators are more suitable for large-scale production. We sent the operation video of the drum granulator to the customer. In the video, the drum granulator produces organic fertilizer granules through slow rotation.

Rotary Drum Manure Granulating Machine for Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Rotary Drum Granulator in SX Chicken Waste Treatment Plant

Some Questions about the Production Line

  • So rotary dryer needed only make manure dry?

Not make manure dry ,the dryer is for organic fertilizer dry. Because when you use the granulator ,it needs to add some water ,So the fertilizer granulator made from the granulator will be little wet.

  • How much manpower for operating the machinery?

The whole production line about need 5 workers.

  • How many containers will be needed to carry the machinery?

8th production line about need 7*40HQ containers.

  • What is the mixer material of the blades piece?

Mn steel , as a typical anti-wear steel, manganese steel is an excellent material for crushing and mixing parts.

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