The Case for Polishing Machine and Crusher in India

On November 1st, we received an email from a customer from India, who directly said that he wanted a disc granulator and a polishing machine. Later, in the process of talking with the customer, we know that the customer’s raw materials are gypsum, sulfur, bentonite and soap stone. The output is 1t/h.

What Do Our Customers Want?

It’s clear that our customer’s purpose is direct, the buyer wants a pan granulator and a polishing machine.

Polishing Machine in SX Large Scale Cow Dung Processing Biogas Plant
Polishing Machine in SX Large Scale Cow Dung Processing Biogas Plant


What Questions Do Customers Have?

Where are the inlet and outlet of the disc granulator? How to control the size?

The pan haven’t outlet when the pan round, the granulate will out continued. So in a production line, the disc granulator keep in work and granulates will out. If you want specific size granules, screening opportunities to screen out what you want.

How to make them shiny, can they make uniform and uniform particles?

We advise customers that if they want the particles to look smoother, they need a coating machine. If you want more uniform particles, you need a sieving machine. The sieving machine can help you sieve out particles of uneven size. Our screening machines have three outlets: finished product, rejects and pellets to be re-pelletized.

Semi-wet Material Grinder in SX Plant Fertilizer Science Project
Semi-wet Material Grinder in SX Plant Fertilizer Science Project

What is the moisture requirement for granulation?

The moisture requirement of the disc granulator is 30%. If the moisture of the raw material is between 10% and 15%, water can be added. Because disc granulator belongs to wet granulation equipment, so if powder moisture low, it is hard to make granulates. If you don’t want to add water, you can also add other liquid material instead in water.

Can the rounding machine dry the particles?

The rounding machine needs the particles to have a certain amount of moisture, and at the same time the rounding machine can reduce the moisture content in the particles. After disc granulator, granulates moisture will be in about 20%, then after polishing, granulates moisture will be in about 15%.

Fertilizer Rotary Drum Dryer in SX Engineering Project
Fertilizer Rotary Drum Dryer in SX Engineering Project

Can the double roller granulator be used to produce organic fertilizer?

Our customers see the information of the double roll extrusion granulator on the Internet. I would like to ask whether this granulator is suitable for their raw material production. We explained to our customers, first. this machine be used in compound fertilizer, not suitable for gypsum , sulfur , bentonite and soap stone. Then, this machine make pellets but not round like disc granulator. Last, because double roller granulator make granulates by roller, only 3-5mm granulates, haven’t less size.

But our Indian customer still has many other ideas. He thinks that there are many disc granulators in India, so the customer does not want a disc granulator. The customer saw the flat die granulator again, and we told the customer that his raw materials were not suitable for the disc granulator. First of all, we can still consider the disc granulator and drum granulator we recommend to customers. Because the customer’s raw material is suitable for these two granulators. Secondly, the disc granulator and drum granulator have the same working principle – wet granulation. Third, I understand our client want that exactly granules. Our machine also can do very exactly granulates. But this not only a granulator can reach the effect. It also need polishing, screening, drying, cooling and coating. Fourth, fertilizer good or not don’t depend on the powder soft or hard. It is depend on what are the raw material is. Because fertilizer not only need looks good, but also good for grand and plants. The nature of the raw material determines the granulator.

In the end, our customer decided to buy a mixer and a rounding machine first. Because they have pelletizers.

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