Goat Manure an ‘Effective Fertilizer’


How to Use Goat Manure as Fertilizer?

Manure is an important by-product of farming systems in many countries, and goat manure, like many other manures, is a traditional source of nutrition for many crops. Are you worry about how to manage  your goat manure? Don’t know how to handle it, or be afraid of harming the environment. In fact, goat manure is a high-quality raw material for the production of organic fertilizers. If you can collect a certain amount of goat manure, you can commercialize it after fermentation. Not only can it effectively deal with goat manure, it can also bring you certain income. This article will tell you how to effectively dispose of goat manure on your goat farm.

Is Goat Manure Good for Compost?

The answer is yes! Goat manure is rich in nutrients, suitable for all kinds of soils and crops, and is a good organic fertilizer. If you have a large goat farm, you can produce bagged goat manure for commercial use. Goat manure compost is loose in texture and has no odor, making it one of the best animal manures for making organic fertilizers. One of the most common uses of goat manure is as fertilizer, which provides nutrients to plants to help produce healthier fruits, vegetables and produce. Compared with other animal manure, goat manure has higher nitrogen content, which acts directly on crops and easily burns plants. You should compost and ferment your goat manure before use.

3D Drawing of Sheep Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line
3D Drawing of Sheep Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Advantages of Composting Goat Manure

Fermented goat manure is a particularly good fertilizer. Goat manure is rich in nutrients, including effective nutrients that are easy to decompose and the crops can absorb and utilize it. It is a good fertilizer with a combination of fast and slow fertilizer efficiency.Therefore, when using goat manure, you should ferment it firstly. Fermented goat manure has many advantages.

Good Fertility

Goat manure is complete in nutrients, rich in cellulose, easy to decompose, easy to be absorbed and utilized by crops. It suitable for various soils and has a good effect on improving soil physical properties. This is the primary reason why goat manure can be used as fertilizer.

Natural Antibiotics

Goats themselves are lively livestock. They are not easy to get sick, have strong resistance and strong bodies. Therefore, their manure are often more nutritious and can basically be regarded as natural antibiotics.

Safe and Harmless

Goats live by eating grass. They eat very healthy. There are very few heavy metals in goat manure. Goat manure is a natural green fertilizer, which is safer than heavy metal fertilizers.

Good Compost Effect

Firstly, goat manure is drier, it has less odor and is easier to use and spread. Secondly, the nitrogen content is higher than that of horse manure and cow manure. This makes it easy to heat up and compost quickly. Granular manure allows more airflow into the compost pile, speeding up composting time. If you have a small or large goat farm, put goat litter to good use! It can turn manure into treasure and create more income for you. As an excellent raw material for composting, how do you compost your goat manure?

The Work Site of the Crawler Type Compost Turner Purchased by Our Customer
The Work Site of the Crawler Type Compost Turner Purchased by Our Customer

Why dispose of your sheep manure?

As an animal farmer, the number of your goats may increase, and the treatment of goat manure is not simply piled together. You need to find a more effective method of sheep manure disposal. Goat manure contains moisture-containing substances such as goat urine and litter. This wet and large amount of sheep manure will not only affect the growth environment of goats, but also pollute air and water sources. Studies have shown that when waste with a water content of more than 98% is piled on the ground, the liquid will seep into the soil and even pollute the groundwater. Manure management is a concern on large ranches. Even if you only have a few sheep, you need to establish a goat manure management plan. As a breeder, it is one of your roles as a manager to provide a good environment for your animals without affecting the lives of nearby residents. Fertilizing your sheep manure has more nutrients than composting sheep manure directly on the farm. And you build an intensive goat pasture that saves time and collects manure better than an open pasture.

Three Trenches in Composting Sheep Manure
Three Trenches in Composting Sheep Manure

Fermented Sheep Dung Powder Through Groove Type Compost Turners in SX
Fermented Sheep Dung Powder Through Groove Type Compost Turners in SX

Fermented Sheep Manure in the Trench
Fermented Sheep Manure in the Trench

How Long to Compost Goat Manure

Unlike cow manure and pig manure, goat manure is mainly granular. Fresh sheep manure is high in nitrogen and potassium and must be composted before it can be used in crops. In addition, fresh sheep manure collected together with bedding can increase the organic matter content of sheep manure compost. So how long does it take to compost goat manure? Natural goat manure composting takes about six months. Composting is affected by temperature, humidity and air, showing different reaction times. So in commercial organic fertilizer production, what should we do if we want to shorten the composting time of sheep manure within a week? Use a composter to help compost your goat manure. Under the same temperature and humidity conditions, using a turner can increase the contact between goat manure and air, making oxygen molecules more active, thereby shortening the fermentation time. That’s why organic fertilizer manufacturers are quick to produce organic fertilizers from goat manure. To be honest, you can complete the fermentation process of goat manure within a week if you use the turning machine to turn it once a day.

Nutrients in goat manure

Animal manure is considered to be a rich source of nutrition, because it is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements, and is often used as a raw material source for organic fertilizers. Goat manure contains more nutrients than other animals, making it a more effective fertilizer. Goat manure is drier and higher in nitrogen than cow and horse manure. Goat droppings generally don’t attract insects or burn plants like cow dung, and can help gardeners produce healthier plants. Like all other animal manure, goat manure provides a source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that plants need. You can totally make your goat manure a commercial fertilizer if you can. The Main nutrient composition of goat manure:

Manure Nitrogen (N)% Phosphorus (P)% Potassium (K)%
Fresh goat manure 1.34 0.54 1.56
Composted goat manure 2.23 1.24 3.69
Goat urine 1.13 0.05 7.9
If you want to know more information about how to compost goat manure, please email us!

Three Steps on How to Make Goat Manure Compost

Material Mixing

Generally, fermentation requires 45% water content. So before composting, it is necessary to add certain auxiliary materials such as straw, cassava residue, sawdust, etc. Mix goat manure with an appropriate amount of straw. The amount depends on the moisture content of goat manure.

Add Some Microbes

Sheep manure is rich in nitrogen. In order to achieve a balanced carbon-nitrogen ratio in compost, some auxiliary materials such as straw are generally added to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio. The addition of microbial agents can effectively promote the temperature rise in the initial stage of composting, accelerate the decomposition of organic matter, and shorten the composting cycle. Some researchers have proved that when the pH value of the compost is in the range of 5-12, composting can be carried out. Microorganisms function most effectively when the pH is between 7.5-8.5. So it is necessary to add some microbial agents to your sheep manure compost.

Turn Your Compost Pile to Increase Oxygen Levels

The ventilation of the compost determines the oxygen content and heat dissipation of the compost. Poor ventilation will cause insufficient oxygen content in the compost, resulting in an anaerobic fermentation environment. It is generally believed that the oxygen content in compost is more appropriate at 8%-18%. How to maintain proper oxygen content? You will need to turn your sheep manure regularly to increase oxygen and heat dissipation. At this time, a compost turner is needed. It can not only play the role of stirring, but also turn the fermentation heap. Generally, when the temperature rises to above 50 degrees, you should turn the heap. When the temperature of the goat manure no longer rises and is lower than 45 degrees, it is basically completed. After the you complete the composting part, you can carry out the granulation of goat manure. If you want to make a complete goat manure organic fertilizer production line, composting is the key part. Whether it can produce high-quality organic fertilizer is closely related to whether the compost is matured in the early stage. If you want to speed up the process of composting, a turner is an indispensable equipment. How to choose a suitable turner for your goat farm?

Adding Straw and Other Auxiliary Materials to the Trench
Adding Straw and Other Auxiliary Materials to the Trench
Thermometer Monitoring Temperature in the Trench for Sheep Manure
Thermometer Monitoring Temperature in the Trench for Sheep Manure

Six Types of High Quality Goat Manure Compost Turners for Sale

We offer you six high-quality compost turners to turn your goat manure into high-quality fertilizer. For the small goat farms, moving type and crawler type compost turners are suitable. Just piling your goat manure into long strips and using both turners. For large-scale goat farms, groove type turners, wheel type turners, and chain plate turners are suitable. Only need to build a trench, you can realize automatic turning. Finally, if you want to ferment your goat manure in a closed environment, organic fertilizer fermentation pots are also a good choice. It can customize the fermentation capacity according to the size of your farm or organic fertilizer plant.

  • Moving Type Compost Turner: Four-wheel walking design, great flexibility. It is an ideal equipment for processing goat manure compost. Especially, in small scale goat farms.
  • Crawler Type Compost Turner: The turning teeth can be customized, and the service life is long. Using the crawler design, walking is stable.
  • Groove Type Compost Turner: One machine with one trench or one machine with multiple trenches. It can achieve automatic turning and throwing, saving time and effort.
  • Wheel Type Compost Turner: Large capacity, maximum output up to 30 t/h. It suitable for large goat farms and fertilizer production plants. It can help you process a large amount of goat manure.
  • Chain Plate Type Compost Turner: It uses variable frequency speed regulation walking system. It has strong flexibility and adaptability and can achieve turning and throwing at any position.
  • Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Pot: closed fermentation, less land occupation and no pollution. You can customize the capacity according to the scale of your goat farm.

The Groove Type Compost Turner SX Fertilizer Production Equipment
The Groove Type Compost Turner SX Fertilizer Production Equipment

Semi-finished Product of Groove Type Compost Turner in SX Fertilizer Making Machinery
Semi-finished Product of Groove Type Compost Turner in SX Fertilizer Making Machinery

Turning Teeth of the Groove Type Compost Turner
Turning Teeth of the Groove Type Compost Turner

Commercial Scale Compost Production from Goat Manure

If you want to commercialize the production of goat manure, first of all, you need to understand a complete goat manure organic fertilizer production line. What equipment is required to build a complete production line? Composting is only the initial stage of commercial production. A complete production line also includes stages such as crushing, stirring, granulation, drying and cooling, and packaging. I think the following equipment is what you need for commercial production.

New Type Vertical Crusher

If there is agglomeration in the thrown goat manure, then the crusher is a must-have for you. It can break the material for better granulation. The advantage of our equipment lies in the double feeding port, which makes the feeding more uniform. There is a shield on the inlet to prevent the material from splashing. There are two layers of chains inside the crusher and three layers of blades for better pulverizing effect. It can crush the sundries and agglomerated materials in sheep manure very well.

Disc Granulator

It is a granulator applying for all capacity. The minimum output is 0.02-0.05 t/h, the maximum output is 4-6 t/h. Many small scale fertilizer production lines are equipped with disc granulators. It has different models to choose for your goat manure. Our disc granulators has five unique design, the granular plate , frame part, adjustment part, transmission part, and cleaning device.

Pan Granulator for NPK Compound Fertilizer Production in SX NPK Fertilizer Machine Supplier
Pan Granulator for NPK Compound Fertilizer Production in SX NPK Fertilizer Machine Supplier

Triangular Base of the Pan Granulator
Triangular Base of the Pan Granulator

Our Workers are Making the Big Plate of the Pan Granulator
Our Workers are Making the Big Plate of the Pan Granulator

Rotary Drum Drying Machine

The humidity of the pellets made by the pelletizer will be relatively high. If you want to pack, you should dry your fertilizer before packing. The dryer is also indispensable for a complete fertilizer production line. The rotary drum of our dryer uses a one-shot forming spiral tube. The thickness of the drum is the same from start to finish.  It is relatively straight, the workmanship is good, and the use time is long. There is a spiral guide plate in the feed end of the dryer. A raw material plate in the middle, but not at the discharge end.

One-shot Forming Spiral Tube For Rotary Drum Drying Machine in SX Machinery
One-shot Forming Spiral Tube For Rotary Drum Drying Machine in SX Machinery
Material of the Rotary Drum Drying Machine for Goat Litter Drying in SX
Material of the Rotary Drum Drying Machine for Goat Litter Drying in SX

Conveying Equipment

Conveying equipment can be used in many parts of the production line, which can help you solve the problem of bulky material transportation.

Packaging Machine

The packaging machine is the last process of commercial production, and it needs to pack the granulated fertilizer for you. Packaged organic fertilizers are ready for sale. If you want to build a goat manure organic fertilizer production line, you can consider these equipment, which can help produce higher quality organic fertilizers, and a complete commercial production line can bring high profits. So don’t take it for granted that these goat manure is useless, in fact it can become a black gold. Of course, you need to consider these facilities for producing fertilizers before goat manure is profitable.

How to build your own sheep manure granulation plant?

If you have a lot of raw sheep manure, then setting up a sheep manure fertilizer plant is a way to get more profit. You can choose sheep manure fertilizer plants of different scales according to the amount of raw materials.

Large-capacity sheep manure granulation production line

For a large capacity sheep manure fertilizer plant, you need a large capacity sheep manure granulator. The granulator with the largest output of Shunxin can provide a processing capacity of 30t per hour. Drum granulator is the choice of many large manufacturers, and it is the most common granulator in large fertilizer production lines.

Small and medium-sized sheep manure granulation production line

For small and medium sheep manure fertilizer production plants, you may not need so much auxiliary equipment. Some simple production lines can support your daily sheep manure granulation. If you need to process 500kg of sheep manure every day, then the disc granulator is a good helper for you to deal with sheep manure. Firstly, its price is lower, and secondly, it occupies a small area and is portable and convenient. Finally, its granulation efficiency is high.

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