Manure Disposal Method

Poultry manure management is a problem that haunts loads of people. Some of them in high latitude area tend to fire the manure as a kind of fuel to get warmth, and some of them in agriculture-oriented countries choose to apply the manure in the field directly. However, either of them is not the best way to dispose poultry manure in that those feces do not play their full role. At the same time, both of the two methods constitute the danger to local environment and, even worse, cause worldwide pollution following such natural activities as warm current. Thus, it is important for you to choose a suitable manure disposal method.
In order to follow the pace of sustainable development, most of farmers and merchants have access to handle poultry manure to organic or making bio organic fertilizer. On this occasion, SEEC fertiliser machine making factory gives hands to those who want to process manure to fertilizers dedicatedly.

2t per hour granular fertilizer production line for manure disposal
2t per hour granular fertilizer production line for manure disposal

Disposing poultry manure to organic fertilizer benefits much more than to other fields

As modern technologies boom, there goes several manure disposal method to deal with poultry manure. For example, to cope with manure to fertilisers, marsh gas, electricity power, fuel oil and so on. Nevertheless, among the above means, only the fertilizer manufacturing from animal wastes is the best way to give the utmost use of dung.

Taking methane production from animal feces as a case, producing manure to marsh gas has to go on a complicated working procedure and needs a larger investment in previous phase. Meanwhile, the cost of the apparatus for methane production is higher than that for fertilizer production and also, the marsh gas production is impacted seasonally. Besides, toxic as well as odour gas will be emitted in the process of methane production. On the contrary, the fertilizer production absolutely prevents air from pollution and is able to solve the crop dearth as well as food safety. And SEEC machinery offers machines for organic fertilizer production line and bio organic fertilizer production line, etc.

Poultry manure disposing machines
Poultry manure disposing machines

SEEC Manure disposal machines help you convert biodegradable waste into organic manure

Are you at sea about your dairy farm manure management? Do you have ideas to produce organic fertilizer from manure? Are you plan to buy composted manure machines to produce compost fertilizer? Actually, the process of manure disposal method entails composting, conveying, batching, crushing, screening, packing and the mainly suggested fertilizer making machine in SEEC heavy industry are as follows:

  • Groove type manure compost turning machine is dedicated to fermenting manure and municipal solid wastes. With water spray system (water pump, steel pipe, water spray nozzles and water tank), there is no need to worry about the material moisture in composting procedure.
  • Vertical manure compost crusher is one of our patent products, aiming to crush the manure material into powder so as to realize convenient as well as efficient fertilization.
  • Powdery manure rotary screening equipment helps to alter standard manure powder or granules.
  • Cache manure powder warehouse is usually for large scale fertilizer production in that it helps to store manure material to leave a time lag for the packing machine so that block in discharge outlet is avoided.

Groove type manure compost turning machine
Groove type manure compost turning machine

Vertical manure fertilizer crusher
Vertical manure fertilizer crusher

Rotary drum manure fertilizer screening machine
Rotary drum manure fertilizer screening machine

How to treat horse manure fast into compost with efficient manure disposal method?

If you possess a farm predominantly disposing horse manure with large size, SEEC paddle compost turner is the best choice for you. With the following advantages and reasonable price, it is favored by lots of customers.

  • Large production capacity: The composting depth reach about 1.5 m to 3 m and the width can be 30 m.
  • Easy operation: Equipped with an automatic control box, you can operate the machine either automatically or manually. In this way, there needs less labor force.
  • Low cost: Thanks to balanced as well as stable power source and energy conservation design, the wheel type compost turning machine has a low consumption of the energy.
  • High efficiency: The wheel type compost turner is capable of discharging horse manure continuously or in a bulk. Additionally, sturdy and durable wheel gear brings its function for crushing as well as mixing of horse manure.

In a general way, the paddle compost turning machine also uses for composting other animal feces like sheep dung, turkey manure, pig feces, cow dung, etc.

Have interests on our manure compost making method for disposing?

How long does SEEC composting machine take to compost stable cow manure?

Fermentation is a key process in manure disposal method. SEEC heavy industry has two kinds of composting systems for sale. One is composting turner and the other is composting pot. As for the time of fermentation, the two kinds of composting machines differ. SEEC composting turner has a fermenting period of about 20 to 25 days. During the earlier period, you need to compost the manure 3 to 4 times per day while in the later stage, 1 time every couple of days is enough. However, it only takes a week to finish fermentation when you use SEEC fermenting pot. You can choose one of them in accordance with your requirements.

SEEC manure compost turner machine
SEEC manure compost turner machine

Manure fermenter
Manure fermenter

What the manure processing technologies that SEEC machinery applies?

First of all, the manure drying technology. Prior to manure fermentation, you need to know whether the water content of material is excessive. If it is, you have to dewater those manure wastes. SEEC have two kinds of the poultry manure drying machine systems for sale. If your manure moisture surpasses 80%, vibrating drying machine is the suggestion while solid-liquid separator machine for others.

Then, the manure material coating technology. Adopting the means of powder as well as liquid coating, together with the furniture of several dispersing plates inside the drums, our rotary coating machine is able to play its full role in coating the finished pellet fertilizers so as to realize agglomeration prevention and expand their fertilizer efficiency.

Next, the manure conveying technology. SEEC bucket elevator, consisting belt and pulley, adopts a vertical form and is able to convey the manure material from bottom to top in order to save the site for small-sized farms.

Manure drying machine
Manure drying machine

Drum coating machine
Drum coating machine

Five types of common seen manure you can manage with the help of SEEC manure dealing machines

  1. Chicken manure: There is abundant nutrients in chicken dung, such as crude protein, fat, carbohydrate, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. When you apply the organic fertilizer from chicken feces, there results in the improvement of fertiliser as well as water maintenance of for the soil environment.
  2. Swine manure: Pig manure has a fine quality and there are many organic matters and other complex components so that there goes a slower process in dealing with pig dung to organic fertilizer. And the fertilizer made from pig feces always uses as base fertilizer.
  3. Cattle manure: Fresh cow dung contains lots of water than any other animal manure and will produce less heat in the process of composting. But cow dung to organic fertilizer costs less and has a fast fermentation. It will take 7 days or so to finish the deodorization, decomposition and disinfection process and the made-up fertilisers has a stable quality as well as fertilizer efficiency.
  4. Horse manure: Horse dung, similar to cow manure, has high water content and is a thick material to make fertilizer. Most of farmers prefer to use the horse feces as heat source due to its fast decomposition of organic matter.
  5. Sheep manure: Organic fertilizer from sheep wastes is the most effective fertilizer and suitable as additional fertilizer. When goat dung is composted with other manure, the made-up fertilizer will have a longer fertilizer efficacy.

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