5-10t/h NPK Fertilizer Plant in Lesotho

Last week, we received an email from the southern African country of Maseru. Our buyer is looking for a solution for his NPK fertilizer pellet plant. Our customer looked for a reliable fertilizer machine supplier through Google, on Google, he saw our website, and our customized NPK fertilizer plant for African customers caught his attention. So he sent an email about NPK production line from our website.

What do Our Customers Want?

In the email, our client indicated that he wants to build a 5-10t/h NPK fertilizer plant. “We are looking for a granulator that can produce NPK granules. Our raw materials are urea, ammonium phosphate and potassium chloride…” Considering our customer’s output requirements, we recommended our SXZGZ- 1870 drum granulator to him. Due to its large production capacity, it is widely used in the production of organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers and organic-inorganic compound fertilizers.

5-10t/h NPK Fertilizer Production Line in SX Industrial NPK Fertilizer Production Process

Why Choose a Drum Granulator?

According to the principle of wet granulation, the raw materials for making NPK fertilizer are mixed and enter the drum granulator, and then they are bonded together by adding steam or water. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the drum granulator makes it into particles of uniform size.

In addition, the drum granulator is favored by NPK fertilizer production plants for its large capacity production capacity. The output of the SXZGZ-1870 granulator is 5-8t/h, which can meet the output requirements of customers.

The drum granulator has its own cleaning system, which is equipped with a rubber lining to prevent the adhesion of the granules. And there is a round hole design on the outer wall. With the rotation of the drum, the small hammer above hits the rubber lining to reduce the adhesion of materials. It is convenient for customers to clean and maintain.

Rotary Drum Granulator in SX npk Industrial Manufacturing Plant
Drum Granulator Semi-finished Products

5-10t/h NPK Fertilizer Production Line

The granulator is the most important part of the whole production line, but in addition to the granulator, some supporting equipment is needed to form a complete NPK production line. In the email, our customer mentioned “we need a complete NPK fertilizer production line, including batching, screening, drying, cooling and other processes…” Our buyer seems to know NPK fertilizer production very well, he know procedures such as drying, cooling and coating.

We asked about the size of the customer’s factory, and according to the drawings drawn by the customer, our engineers designed a complete NPK fertilizer design production line. Let us share this complete production line design below.

Double Shaft Horizontal Mixer
Four Warehouse Batching Machine
Rotary Cooling Machine
  • 1.Dynamic batching machine: We have designed a three-warehouse batching machine for customers. Customers can produce a specific NPK fertilizer according to the fixed ratio of NPK fertilizer production.
  • 2.Double shaft horizontal mixer: Raw materials of various proportions are sent to the mixer through a belt conveyor. The stirring paddle stirs the material evenly by rotating.
  • 3. NPK rotary drum granulator: The mixed material is sent to the granulator through the belt conveyor, and the granulator converts the powdery granules into the particle size that the customer wants
  • 4. Drum drying machine: The drum dryer reduces the moisture content of the prepared granules to about 10%.
  • 5.Rotary cooling machine: The rotary drum cooling machine cools down the dried granules for packaging.
  • 6. Rotary screening machine: The screening machine can screen out qualified product particles, unqualified product particles and powdery particles. These unqualified particles re-enter the granulator for granulation.
  • 7. Coating machine: The coating machine coats the particles with a layer of mineral materials to prevent the accumulation of particles and the problem of moisture change during transportation.
  • 8.Package machine: The packaging machine automatically packs a certain amount of granules into bags.

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