2 t/d Business Plan for Powder Fertilizer Production Line in India

On February 3, our powder line organic fertilizer production machine arrived in India across the ocean. The customer shared his joy with us via email. In fact, this Indian customer contacted us immediately after seeing our website in November 2022. He wanted to buy an organic fertilizer production line with no more than $30,000. It’s not impossible, we finally sent him a 2 t/h powder organic fertilizer making system. 

Powder Fertilizer Production Line in SX Medium Plant Machinery for Powder Fertilizer Industry
Powder Fertilizer Production Line for sale

Why Choose a Small Powdered Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

On the one hand, in general, the smaller the capacity, the lower the equipment price. And 2 t/h can fully meet the requirement of small organic fertilizer production from the Indian client. There were only 40 tons of chicken manure generated in his farm a day. On the other hand, powdery organic fertilizer has a simple process. So only needs several equipment it can make organic fertilizer from chicken manure

Chicken manure and straw to powder fertilizer
Chicken manure and straw to powder fertilizer

2 t/d Powder Fertilizer Production Line in India

Generally, a powder organic fertilizer production line contain two parts. Chicken manure composting and chicken poop compost powder making.  Based on the customer’s small volume of chicken manure disposal, we recommend the moving type compost turner to the customer, one of the self-propelled compost turner. The customer only needs to pile his chicken manure into strips and drive our moving type compost turner to complete the aerobic fermentation of the chicken manure.

After composting is completed, fertilizer production consists of a forklift feeder, a vertical crusher, a screening machine, a packing machine and a belt conveyor. The entire production line can produce 2 tons of powdered organic fertilizer per day. What is the specific production process? First, the customer needs to use a forklift to put the composted chicken manure into the feeder. Secondly, through a conveyor belt, the material will go into a vertical grinder, which will break up the chicken manure into powder. The powdered fertilizer then goes into a sifter, which screens out unqualified waste. Finally, the finished product is packaged.

2 t/h chicken manure powder fertilizer making line
2 t/h chicken manure powder fertilizer making line

What Did Our Customers Say?

In late February, our client showed us his finished chicken manure powder organic fertilizer. He is very satisfied, he never thought that he can produce organic fertilizer powder with such little capital. Welcome to contact us for customized fertilizer production line.

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