How Much Does it Cost to Set Up a Small Sheep Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Plant?

First, you need to know what the sheep manure organic fertilizer production process is. The production of organic fertilizer from sheep manure consists mainly of two steps: fermentation and granulation. Of course, the full production process also includes processes such as mixing, screening, drying and cooling, and packaging. For large-scale fertilizer producers, each process is indispensable. But for small fertilizer producers, fermentation and granulation are the most important, and other processes can be ignored. So what is the most favorable cost to make sheep manure fertilizer?

Raw material

It would be great if you had fresh sheep manure as an ingredient. That way, you do not have to worry about the ingredients. You can then compost your fresh sheep manure directly. It should be noted that if your sheep manure has a high moisture content, you will need to add some straw, wood chips and other waste before fermentation to reduce the moisture content.

Fermentation Turning Site of Crawler Turning Machine
Fermentation Turning Site of Crawler Turning Machine


The venue is also one of the issues you need to consider. You will need to determine the size of your equipment and site based on your production scale. You can choose an open space or you can build a greenhouse. Of course, it will be more convenient if your site is next to farmland or a farm. In general, different venues are constructed according to the fermentation method. For trench composting, you will need to set up a trench. For windrow composting, you just need to find an open space and pile your sheep manure in long strips.

The Finished Poducts of Crawler Turning Machine are Sent to Nigeria
The Finished Poducts of Crawler Turning Machine are Sent to Nigeria


Fermentation and granulation are the two necessary equipment. It’s one of those products that every company needs, just as it helps you produce really good sheep manure. Why sheep manure production is a good investment. Because it offers great quality and value. The pelletizer ensures that your sheep manure pellets are organic and uniform in size. The turner helps your sheep manure material ferment quickly, saving you time in production. Is sheep manure fertilizer production equipment expensive? Sheep manure production equipment is available at a reasonable price. It offers the features you ask for and is premium in materials. Of course, we also have different customization options. That would make a big difference. You should try it, maybe it’s a challenge. But we think that Shunxin, as a good producer of fertilizer, can help you produce and grow.

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