5 Steps to Compost Your Sheep Manure

What is the fastest way to compost sheep manure? What steps do you need to take to compost your sheep manure? Sheep manure is a high-quality and efficient organic fertilizer. Using sheep manure as fertilizer for fertilization has good economic value. First of all, sheep manure contains macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and trace elements such as calcium and magnesium that plants need. Secondly, sheep manure contains certain vitamins, enzymes, auxin, folic acid and so on. These nutrients can not only promote plant growth, but also increase plant resistance to disease and insects, and improve product quality.

Turning Teeth of the Groove Type Compost Turner
Turning Teeth of the Groove Type Compost Turner

Three-step out-of-Phase Motor
Three-step out-of-Phase Motor

The Trench Compost Turner in SX Engineering Project
The Trench Compost Turner in SX Engineering Project

The general natural sheep manure fermentation method takes 1-3 months. But using a turning machine to make organic fertilizer can shorten the time to within one month. Below are the five steps to making sheep manure organic fertilizer.

  1. Prepare materials and add bacteria: prepare the sheep manure you want to ferment, it is best to use fresh sheep manure. 1 ton of fresh pig manure needs to add about 0.25 kg of starter.
  2. Stack sheep manure or build a trench: In this step, you need to cover the fermentation agent with the prepared sheep manure while building a fermentation pile. The height and width of the stack should be determined by the type of window compost turner. Another method is that you need to build a trench, and the size of the trench also needs to be determined according to the trench compost turner. You can build one trench, or multiple trenches.
  3. Adjust moisture: If your sheep manure has a high water content, you also need to mix sheep manure with straw, rice bran or other agricultural waste. The moisture content of fermented sheep manure should be controlled at about 40%-60%.
  4. Stirring and aeration: The process of sheep manure composting and fermentation is an aerobic fermentation process. Therefore, in the fermentation process, it is necessary to use a turning and throwing machine for turning and throwing. The function of the turning machine is to fully contact the material with the air to speed up the fermentation process. Otherwise it will lead to anaerobic fermentation and produce bad smell. Depending on how you compost, you can choose from two forms of turners. They are windrow compost turner and trench compost turner
  5. Fermentation is complete: Generally, after 48 hours of accumulation, the temperature starts to rise, and the temperature will rise to 50-60°C. It can reach above 65°C on the third day. At this high temperature, it is necessary to turn the pile once. When the high temperature above 65°C appears again, turn the pile again to complete the fermentation. Fermentation is normally complete within a week.

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