Horse Manure Disposal

If you have a horse ranch, you will get a lot of horse poop every day. Because horse poop has a bad smell, and it will affect the environment around you, you need to find a good method to dispose the horse dung. Rather than just throw the horse poop away, it will be better to reuse them. In nowadays, organic fertilizer is the important fertilizer source. And horse poop as a good organic fertilizer raw material, you can convert horse poop into organic fertilizer. It’s an environmentally friendly way for disposing horse dung. As the excellent organic fertilizer production line provider in china, we can give you many beneficial suggestions for your horse manure disposal.

Dynamic horse compost fertilizer making method
Dynamic horse compost fertilizer making method

How to dehydrate horse manure?

You can find too much water in the horse poop, then you need to remove the moisture content from horse dung. What should you do for removing the extra water?

In our opinion, you can get the horse manure with right moisture content by using horse manure solid-liquid separator machine. Horse manure dehydrator is a professional machine that processes water from horse poop. In the horse manure disposal production line, horse manure dewatering manure can drop the moisture content to 40%-60%.

Horse dung screw press dewatering machine
Horse dung screw press dewatering machine

The working principle of our organic fertilizer dehydrator.

Horse manure dewatering machine is a slurry pump to send raw manure water to the main machine, through the spiral shaft installed in the screen, the main motor will drives the reducer, so that the spiral shaft rotates, extrudes and separates the solid material, and the liquid flows out from the outlet of the lower part of the body through the screen. With the continuous entry of raw manure into the mainframe, you will achieve mass production.

So, with the help of horse manure solid-liquid separator machine, you can get the horse manure with the right moisture content.

Dewatering machine for handling horse poop
Dewatering machine for handling horse poop

What should you do for making horse manure fertilizer?

If you want to handle horse manure well, there are many factors need be considered. You had better do some preparations before making horse manure compost.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to collect the horse manure raw material from horse farm. Then put them in a fixed place. At this step, you need to have enough room for horse manure.
  2. The second thing you need to do is to buy some horse manure treatment machines. For example, if you want to remove the water from horse manure, you should have a horse manure solid-liquid separator machine. In addition, if you want to make horse manure compost fertilizer, you need a horse manure composting machine to help you. Except that, you also need to have fertilizer crusher, horse manure pellet mill, granular fertilizer screening machine and finished fertilizer packing machine.
  3. The third thing you need to do is to build a place to make your horse manure. And the place needs to be big enough. Because horse manure fertilizer machinery and horse poop need space to be placed. You can find professional people to help you design your horse manure production site
Powdery horse manure fertilizer composting macninery
Powdery horse manure fertilizer composting macninery

What is the function of horse manure disposal equipment?

In order to make horse manure fertilizer from horse poop, you should have a complete horse manure disposal equipment. Here are the function of these horse manure fertilizer making machine.

Horse manure dehydrator. As mentioned above, you can know that the function of horse manure solid-liquid separator machine is to dehydrate the moisture content from horse dung.

Horse manure composting machine. In the whole horse manure compost system, horse manure windrow composting machine for you to ferment the horse poop. The horse manure made by horse manure compos turner without harmful microorganisms and pathogens. That can help you get more safer organic fertilizer.

Crushing machine. Crushing machine for you to get powdery horse manure fertilizer. Because there will be some lumpy horse manure fertilizer after composting.

Horse manure pelletizer. Horse manure pellet mill is the main fertilizer machine to make horse manure pellets. In the fertilizer market, granular fertilizer is the most popular fertilizer. You can get high quality granular fertilizer with our horse manure granulator.

Rotary drum drying machine. Because all of the organic fertilizer pelletizer adopts wet type granulation technology. You need a machine to dry wet fertilizer particles. Rotary drum drying machine is used to solve this problem.

Rotary drum cooling machine. After the process of drying, the temperature of fertilizer pellets is high, you had better use a rotary drum cooling machine to drop the temperature.

Granular fertilizer screening machine. There are some unqualified fertilizer pellets after the step of cooling, Therefore, you need to screen these unqualified fertilizer particles out. Granular fertilizer screening machine should be used to help you do that.

Horse manure fertilizer packing scale. Fertilizer packing scale should be used to pack the finished fertilizer.

Horse poop compost fertilizer making process
Horse poop compost fertilizer making process

How do you dispose your horse manure?

There are three methods can be adopted for horse manure disposal, you can choose the suitable one for you.

  1. If you don’t want to spend time to handle horse poop, you can just throw it away. But you know, that will occur environment pollution. The government may prevent you from doing that.
  2. You can choose to sell horse manure to the fertilizer factory.
  3. For earning more money, you can build a horse manure production line to produce horse manure. With the help of horse manure disposal equipment, you can get high efficiency horse manure fertilizer. You can not only sell it to the farmers, but also can put the fertilizer into your farmland. Anyway, it will bring you tremendous economic benefits.
Horse poop compost fertilizer making process
Horse poop compost fertilizer making process

Why use horse poop as your composting material?

As we all know, you can find many beneficial elements in horse dung. These elements are good for plants and crops. Here are the horse manure nutrients.

Horse manure compost fertilizer contains phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium, along with lesser amounts of calcium, sodium and magnesium. When added to the soil, this organic matter benefits soil permeability, water retention and the actual soil structure. Well-aged, quality horse manure compost is great for plants and crops. In addition, you can use it on your own property or sell it to local farmers, gardeners and landscapers.

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