What professional services can you benefit from us after buying our organic fertilizer making plants?

In order to satisfy every customer and give them assurance about SEEC organic fertilizer production machines, we provide present as well as future solutions at any time and services in respect of installation and training as well as warranty & maintenance.

Technical project for the installation of an organic fertilizer production plant via composting in static aerated piles

If you need service for the installation of organic fertilizer manufacturing machine, we can send our experts to settle the installation problem. Our engineers have worked in our company for at least 10 years and have accumulated rich experience. They know all the detailed machine construction and working principle. Thus, we can prove the assemblance of the machines.

Training on organic fertilizer production and utilization

In order to improve the working skills, expand the working knowledge and increase the working efficiency, we will provide with skills training after your purchasing SEEC fertilizer machine in case of loss caused by improper operation.


We attach the warranty of 12 months for customers. So do not worry about your questions on the organic fertilizer machines. We have 24 hours online service and are able to give turnkey solutions as soon as possible. If your machine is beyond warranty, we also can provide professional maintenance for you. Apart from the warranty and maintenance service, there are some tips for you to avoid unnecessary damage when you put the organic fertilizer making machine into use.

  • When you begin or finish using the machine, you need to check out the spare parts whether they work normally. In addition, you also need to examine whether the plug connects well.
  • After using the machine, you have to shut off the power and give its remote-control unit back to its right place and then clean the remained material away from the machine.
  • It is necessary for you to lubricate the oil joints frequently.
  • You would better to confirm that there is enough oil or diesel in reduction gearbox every week.
  • During the machine usage, you need to pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound or heat. If abnormal phenomena happen, you have to stop the working machine and power it off, then contact the technical persons.

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