5 Steps to Compost Your Sheep Manure

What is the fastest way to compost sheep manure? What steps do you need to take to compost your sheep manure? Sheep manure is a high-quality and efficient organic fertilizer. Using sheep manure as fertilizer for fertilization has good economic value. First of all, sheep manure contains macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and … Read more

How to Solve The Problem of Sheep Manure on Your Farm?

When you have hundreds or even thousands of sheep, how do you deal with the sheep manure? If not handled properly, it will cause air pollution and affect the lives of neighbors around. But processing your sheep manure into organic fertilizer is a great option. If the water content in cattle and sheep is too … Read more

The Case for 3t/h Pan Granulator Production Line in Indonesia

On April 18th, an old customer from Indonesia contacted us again, requesting a new organic fertilizer production line. The customer’s raw materials are cms, a waste from a monosodium glutamate factory and some solid raw materials. The customer wants to make granular organic fertilizer. What Do Our Customers Want? Our seller wants an organic fertilizer … Read more

The Solution for Making Food Waste Fertilizer in Uzbekistan

On April 11th, a client from Uzbekistan contacted us by phone. Request to find an organic fertilizer production line to deal with municipal waste. After communicating with the client, I learned that the client wants a complete production line. clients mention lines that include procedures such as composting, screening, crushing and pelletizing. What do our … Read more

5t/h Pan Granulator Production Line in India

On June 14th, a client from India sent an email to us . In the email, the client stated that they are a leading glass bottle manufacturing company in India and have their own quartz sand manufacturing plant. But during the manufacturing process, a lot of dust and fine particles are produced. The client wanted … Read more

Why Use Organic Fertilizers Instead of Chemical Fertilizers?

Why organic fertilizers should replace chemical fertilizers? In our impression, some chemical fertilizers, urea, and phosphate fertilizers have been applied in the fields! There are also people who directly apply animal manure to the fields. During the harvest, the yield increases every year. In the early days, the yield per 666 square meters  was 250-300 kg, and … Read more

How much does a small chicken manure organic fertilizer production line cost?

A complete chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is mainly composed of two parts: fermentation and granulation. It is precisely because these two parts affect the overall price of the organic fertilizer production equipment sales industry. For example, the daily production of chicken manure in small and micro chicken farms is not much. At this … Read more

What equipment is needed to make organic fertilizer from sheep manure?

Sheep manure organic fertilizer making machine refers to the production equipment that uses sheep manure to make organic fertilizer. Sheep manure is a good raw material for making organic fertilizer, which is rich in organic matter and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements. Organic fertilizers made from sheep manure can provide good nutrition for crops and … Read more

Livestock manure organic fertilizer production plan

Determining your annual production schedule is a vital part of organic fertilizer production, both in terms of your earnings and the cost of your construction. First of all, in terms of raw materials, you need to confirm the amount of livestock manure. You need to ensure the supply of raw materials every hour of the … Read more

How to start an organic fertilizer factory at lowest price?

Consider the source of raw materials for organic fertilizers The raw materials of organic fertilizers are rich and varied. Common sources of organic fertilizer raw materials are chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure and other livestock manure. In fact, in addition to manure, sludge, agricultural waste, kitchen waste, biogas residue, cake residue, municipal waste, etc. … Read more

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