Top 3 Organic Fertilizer Production Projects In 2023

In order to fully meet your requirements for organic fertilizer production, we especially design various business plans for your choice. Whether you want to use chicken poop, goat manure or cow dung as material, in a small or large scale, high or low investment, etc, you must find the best solution for your organic fertilizer making … Read more

Low Cost Commercial Solutions for Broiler Farms Manure Management

For chicken farm operation, manure management is an item you must focus on. For this, it is an ideal choice to turn broiler manure into organic fertilizer. But are there low cost commercial solutions for broiler farms manure management? Partial farm owners don’t have enough budget. Of course. You can buy organic fertilizer making line, which … Read more

8 t/h Organic Fertilizer Granulation Line in Argentina, South America

In April 2022, a client from Argentina, South America contacted us for a cow manure management plan. He said that he ran a ranch with about 10,000 cattle. After consulting a lot of information, he found that turning cow dung into organic fertilizer is an effective method. But he didn’t have suitable fertilizer production equipment. … Read more

5-10 t/h NPK Fertilizer Plant in Lesotho

Last week, we received an email from the southern African country of Maseru. Our buyer is looking for a solution for his NPK fertilizer pellet plant. Our customer looked for a reliable fertilizer machine supplier through Google, on Google, he saw our website, and our customized NPK fertilizer plant for African customers caught his attention. … Read more

100 t/d NPK Fertilizer Production Line in Maseru

Last week, our newly published page about the NPK production line caught the attention of a buyer in Maseru. When the buyer searched for information on NPK granulation plants on Google, he saw the design plan of the NPK fertilizer production line on our website. He was so interested that he contacted us via email. … Read more

The Solution for Vermicompost Fertilizer Granules Making Plant in Nepal

On February 20, the operator of a cow manure bio-organic fertiliser plant sent us an email. In the email, the client expressed his desire to set up a new organic fertilizer plant in central Nepal. Our buyer runs a cow manure bio-organic fertilizer plant, and because of the huge profits from his cow manure organic … Read more

2 t/d Business Plan for Powder Fertilizer Production Line in India

On February 3, our powder line organic fertilizer production machine arrived in India across the ocean. The customer shared his joy with us via email. In fact, this Indian customer contacted us immediately after seeing our website in November 2022. He wanted to buy an organic fertilizer production line with no more than $30,000. It’s … Read more

The Solution for Cow Manure Fertilizer Production Line in Georgia

On April 17th, an email from Georgia arrived in my inbox. In the e-mail, a gentleman mentioned that they run a leading company in Georgia that includes hospitality, agriculture and other sustainable businesses. So why is this gentleman emailing us? It turned out that the gentleman, whose company owned a farm of 10,000 cows, had … Read more

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